Dice Bottles – DnD 5e Healing Potion Kit


    Quick, how many d4s in a Superior Healing Potion? Which is larger, Superior or Supreme? You might know (+1 to your Medicine stat if you do), but you likely have players or DMs who don’t, and with everything else to keep track of while playing D&D, any way to avoid slowing down the battle to hit the Index of the Handbook and hunt down the modifier is a positive for everybody playing. 

    The Healer’s Kit solves all that. Next time the halfling is stepped on by a giant, the dwarf gets surprised by a mimic, or the druid jumps off a cliff for funsies ending up crumpled in gore on the rocks, you’ll be ready. Simply flip the latch on the box, admire the handiwork, select the proper size potion for the occasion, unscrew the cap, and dump the dice onto the opened lid, it’s also a rolling surface! Add the dice numbers and the right modifier (provided on the underside of the lid) to reveal just how many or few Hit Points you’re getting back.


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