What our Sponsored Submissions Include

Sponsorship includes a product posting with handcrafted content with 1-6 images (hi-res) and/or a video and hyperlinks using copy provided by the advertiser or written by our talented staff. The post will be clearly marked as “sponsored”. Your post will operate just like our other posts and will never be removed from the site effectively a lifetime backlink from our site.

All sponsored posts include the following:

  • The sponsored post will be featured on the homepage initially and exist permanently on the site.
  • The sponsored post will be featured in a feature spot in a chosen category.

Purchase a Sponsored Post

Sponsored post costs are as follows:
$299.00 (via Paypal) per post.

Contact us to submit a request regarding a sponsored post.

*If you’d like a more permanent position on our homepage or a subcategory page, weekly and monthly rates are available upon request.